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About M-LINE

M-LINE is a family owned designer and supplier of engineered custom packaging and stock packaging products for industrial, aerospace, medical, automotive, instrumentation and similar industries. M-LINE strives to deliver the best packaging solutions to your company.

M-LINE is constantly progressing to serve its customers better. Our product line and services expand to meet the needs of those who rely on us. In 2008 M-LINE was Certified to ISO 9001 with design. Our design capabilities make M-LINE unique in the marketplace. Custom packaging is what we do best! In 2009 M-LINE merged with United Packaging and Pittsburgh Packaging to expand it's capabilities in military packaging, wood packaging, and export packaging. In 2017 M-LINE merged with Lemac Akron to expand product lines and packaging knowledge. Incorporated in 1987, M-LINE's team of designers, customer service, warehouse staff, delivery drivers, and salespeople has experience and knowledge in packaging second to none. You will value our personal attention to your needs.

When working with M-LINE, you will have confidence in your supplier and confidence in your package. You can count on M-LINE for a professional, dependable business relationship.

M-LINE is a family owned company committed to serving industry, our community, our employees, and our world as a responsible business partner in their well-being and success.

Feel free to call me personally with questions.

John Mihacevich

M-LINE, Inc.

The Team